Closed Circuit Television


CCTV System Effectiveness

CCTV systems have proven to be essential tools in most any surveillance and security application. Just a partial list of applications includes banking, retail, hospital, traffic management, and city centers. In all of these applications, video cameras are used as visual tools of the security staff or security design. CCTV systems greatly increase the geographic areas that can be covered by one security professional. No longer are long, arduous guard tours needed, requiring an individual to walk or drive long distances to provide security. And once an event has transpired, video can be used for investigation and evidence in criminal and civil liability cases.

The installation of CCTV security systems thus provides a large deterrence to unlawful activity, and provides a strong sense of security to patrons of facilities that use CCTV. Due to great advances in the controlling or manipulating interfacing systems, video systems can be automated to great degrees.

Advancements in ‘video motion’ detection has given the system designer the ability to use video cameras in place of fence alarms, outdoor microwave motion detection systems, outdoor modulated infrared photo beam systems, leaky coaxial motion detection systems and more with higher degrees of effectiveness and accuracy. The video motion system may be programmed to do the following: detect motion when it is moving in a specific direction; detect motion of objects of specific sizes; detect motion within three dimensional areas; etcetera. Additionally, cameras on pan/tilt systems can be designed to automatically follow or track individuals or targets throughout their visual range.

Video non-motion detection systems may be designed into a CCTV system to detect the lack of motion of objects. This allows a large, open area to be view for objects left behind. Such technology also allows guards to concentrate on other facets of security.

To protect the privacy of individuals, advanced CCTV systems are available with many features designed specifically for this need. PTZ camera systems can be programmed so that specific areas of the viewed scene are overlaid with opaque shapes to prevent viewing of non-public areas, such as into homes through their windows. In addition, control systems can be configured so that only specific security professionals can view video from specific cameras that may be viewing “sensitive” scenes.

The net result or effectiveness of any/all CCTV systems is determined by the sophistication of the interfacing modules and to the extent that the system is designed as a visual tool for the security team.

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