Closed Circuit Television


Security Surveillance Performance

In modern video systems, it is very possible to have hundreds or even thousands of cameras. Therefore, the idea that an individual or group of individuals would be able to ‘monitor’ or ‘view’ the overall system, becomes inconceivable. For this reason, modern designs try to obtain systems that are “view free” and “hands free”.

View free video is accomplished through recording “events” versus continuous recording of empty areas. Event recording is accomplished through various forms of ‘alarm interfacing’. I.e.; A magnetic switch may be added to a door to trigger the camera’s assigned recording device to record the image from the camera in the ‘event’ that the door is opened. This saves video storage room (tape, disc, or hard-drive) as well as precious time reviewing video information.

Hands free video systems are also accomplished through the use of various types of electronic, programmable triggers. I.e.; the door opened, the video recorder started recording automatically and continued until the door closed. This action frees the guard from being needed to control the function of the system versus responding to the situation.

Many systems today have the ability to be ‘pre-positioned programmed’. This gives the designer or operator the ability to set up multiple view points in advance of need. In this way, cameras on pan/tilt systems (either mechanical or digital) can be programmed to automatically move from point to point in a pre-determined route. Additionally, alarm points (such as the door in the previous paragraph) can be added to automatically move the camera’s view to the alarmed position when needed. Once again the operator is freed up to respond to versus operate the system.

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